How to teach Hamilton children good money habits

5 ways to teach Hamilton children healthy money habits

09/07/2019 by Aime Sandri in News

As a Hamilton parent, you try to ensure your children have the skills to make smart financial decisions – and what children learn now, they’ll remember in future. For example, you tell them about the importance of saving or the power of compounding interest. That’s practically doing your children a future favour, right? Well… yes....

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Tax asset write off for Colac business. Sinclair Wilson can help.

How the tax man can help your Colac business to purchase new equipment

21/05/2019 by Andrew Morris in Finance, Mortgage Broking, News, Tax & Business Advice

The financial year, that is. And as it approaches, so too does the window to purchase new equipment or update a vehicle for your Colac business. Last year, the Federal Government introduced legislation that extended and boosted its small business instant asset tax write-off. This means that if your Colac business is eligible (speak to...

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