Couple are excited to own their new home

Preparing to setting on your new Warrnambool home

19/04/2021 by Andrew Morris in Mortgage Broking

You’ve found your dream Warrnambool property. Your offer has been accepted. Finance has the tick of approval. Now, there’s just one final, but vital step – settlement day. Are you ready? Ask anyone who has recently bought a property and they’ll confirm that settlement day can be both exciting and stressful. As Mortgage Brokers, we...

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Camperdown Farm Safety Rebate Scheme now open

Farm business specialists encourage Camperdown farmers to apply for the new Farm Safety Rebate Scheme

22/03/2021 by David Maher in General News, Tax & Business Advice

A Victorian Government rebate of up to $5000 is currently available for eligible farm businesses to invest in safety improvements on and around their enterprise. Provided via Agriculture Victoria’s Farm Safety Rebate Scheme, the rebate is available provided the eligible farm business in Camperdown, Hamilton, Warrnambool or Colac makes a 50% cash co-contribution to the...

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