Wealth Accumulation & Retirement Planning

A major element of many strategic financial plans is Wealth Accumulation Planning and Retirement Planning.

Wealth Accumulation:
During your accumulation phase, it is paramount that we allocate scarce financial resources and savings efficiently.  For many, it is the dream to earn enough return on their savings to provide real financial freedom. We at Sinclair Wilson Investment Services, can provide Wealth Accumulation advice to help you realise this dream.

We would all love to find that perfect investment with low risk and high returns. Unfortunately, the fact is that this does not exist because risk and return are positively related. The only way to maximize returns while minimizing risk, is to diversify your investment portfolio. This is where Financial Planning comes into the picture. Our team of Financial Planners can review your circumstances and provide tailored advice on the best options to set you on the path to a well-diversified portfolio.

Retirement Planning:
Retirement Planning is essential if you want to safeguard your accumulated wealth, live comfortably in your later years, have the ability to travel and enjoy a little luxury.

Planning early for when your retirement is crucial for those wanting to position themselves for a comfortable lifestyle once they finish work.

Our professional team of Financial Advisors will help you with a suitable and tailored retirement timeline, incorporating budgets for longer-term capital and income projections, to demonstrate what you will need in retirement (i.e. will it run out and if so, when?). Depending on what this analysis shows, we can make a range of suggestions to ensure you will have security when you finish working.

There are also various Social Security entitlements available for those in retirement. When planning what you will need when you retire, our Financial Advisors will help navigate you through the complexities of social security legislation, determine what you are entitled to and liaise with Centerlink on your behalf.

Your Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Planning journey with Sinclair Wilson Investment Services will be securely established on a solid foundation strategy, guided by clearly defined goals, backed up by expert advice.

The choice is clear; we are the Firm you need to speak to for Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Planning advice.

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