Sponsorship Requests

Sinclair Wilson
Sponsorship Guidelines and applications

Sinclair Wilson is proud to be involved in hundreds of activities and programs that support local people, events and programs.

We do this because we believe it helps to create a strong and vibrant community, and helps to encourage others to give what, and where they can, for the benefit of others.

If you believe Sinclair Wilson would be a suitable partner for your organisation, program or event, please submit an online sponsorship application below.

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Sponsorship Objectives & Criteria

As much as possible, Sinclair Wilson will support events, programs and organisations that achieve the following objectives, in regions and communities where Sinclair Wilson operates:

  • Provide social benefits
  • Provide and encourage environmental benefits and awareness
  • Provide charitable assistance to people in need
  • Support not-for-profit causes
  • Helps to generate awareness of Sinclair Wilson
  • Positively positions Sinclair Wilson in the local community

Sinclair Wilson favours partnership opportunities that offer mutual benefits to both entities. These benefits may include

  • Naming rights
  • Signage opportunities
  • Advertising or editorial opportunities via mainstream media channels
  • Advertising or editorial opportunities via digital media or internal communication channels
  • Tickets or entry to events or activities
  • Presentation and/or staff presence at events

Eligibility for Sponsorship

  • Applications must be for events, activities or programs that will operate in a region in which Sinclair Wilson also operates
  • Sponsorship of individual pursuits or hobbies, to start up or support a private enterprise or business, for wages or personal expenses are unlikely to be supported
  • Applications must demonstrate the benefit the event, program or activity delivers to the local community
  • Sponsorship will be for a specific event and/or timeframe
  • When of a commercial nature, applications will be considered based on their advertising and promotional commitment and opportunities provided

The Application Process

Sinclair Wilson prefers all applications for sponsorship to be submitted via the application form below. A hard copy of this form is available by contacting Sinclair Wilson’s head office on 03 5564 0555.

When completing and submitting the application form, please provide as much detail as possible.

Incomplete forms with insufficient information will not be accepted.

Sponsorship applications must be received at least six weeks prior to the event, activity or program commences.

Sinclair Wilson’s Sponsorship Team will review all applications on a systematic basis.

Please allow four weeks for the Sponsorship Team to process your request, from the date your request is received.

The Sponsorship Committee will contact you advising you of the outcome of your request.

Please note

Completing the application form below ensures only that your request will be considered by the Sponsorship Team. It does not guarantee sponsorship will be granted.

Previous standing agreements, based either upon verbal or written agreement, do not guarantee sponsorship will be granted. All events, programs and organisations must re-apply for sponsorship each year.

Before submitting your application, please ensure you have reviewed the important information outlined above. View our Privacy Statement regarding the personal information we have collected.