Compliance Audit, Systems Review & Internal Audits

Sinclair Wilson’s Assurance & Audit Division has extensive experience in undertaking all forms of Audit and Assurance engagements including Compliance Audits, Systems Reviews and Internal Audits in Warrnambool and surrounding districts.

These Audits and Reviews may be required externally by a third party, a major supplier, a government department or agency or internally by your board, shareholders, members or management.

Have you received government funding? Are you required to report your project to a government department? We can assist you in your acquittal.

Do you have concerns that your business or organisation is not running as efficiently or as effectively as it could be? Do you have concerns that the financial reporting you receive is not accurate? Do you think that with the investment you have made in technology, that activities should be completed more quickly than they are? We have a team that is well experienced in reviewing, assessing and then reporting on how financial processes and systems can be more effective and efficient.

Does your Board, Committee or industry require a formalised Internal Audit process to be put in place? We have experience across a number of industries in providing ongoing Internal Audit services which comprise periodical attendances and reporting across agreed-upon areas of focus, be it financial, administrative or reporting aspects of an entity.

Our lead Audit Partner and head of the Audit Division is Principal, Felicity Melican, a Chartered Accountant and SMSF Auditor Specialist with 30 years’ experience in all facets of Audit and Assurance, across the full breadth of industry and entity type.

Felicity would be happy to have a conversation with you at any time and see how Sinclair Wilson may assist with your compliance, systems review or internal Audit requirements. We understand that these requirements differ between industries, sectors and entity types, but we can work with you to map out the engagement that would be the most efficient, cost effective and value-added approach for you whilst still delivering the outcomes you need.