Accounting Software & IT Consulting

Computers have had a major impact on the way Accounting and Bookkeeping are undertaken in businesses and how businesses interact with their Accountant.  Updating your ledger is no longer a time consuming task requiring countless hours.  It can be a streamlined function with automated processors, allowing you to monitor your business in real time, maximizing its performance and profitability.

At Sinclair Wilson, we understand that you may not wish to change the current accounting package you utilise and we will not pressure you into changing. At Sinclair Wilson, our motto is “If it works for you, it works for us.” We are not saying we will not recommend that you upgrade or change packages, but we can work with you on the accounting package that you find best suits you.  Our Accountants can work with all the major accounting packages.

If you are considering changing packages or upgrading, our Accountants can work with you in selecting the right Accounting Software to suit your businesses specific requirements.  Our IT Support team can assist with the establishment of software subscriptions and installation of software required by your business, whether it is the latest Cloud Accounting packages or Accounting Software installed locally on your PC.  We are able to provide significant discounts on some of the most popular packages.

Thanks to our dedicated in-house IT Support Department, we have the resources and know-how to work with your software. Our IT Support team is also available to consult with you on upgrading your businesses’ computer hardware and software and assist with IT Support issues as required.