Fund Management

A SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund) can be one of the most effective vehicles for wealth creation. Not only does a SMSF put you in control of how your mandatory super contributions are invested, it can also unlock a suite of Tax Planning options. These range from the simple, such as concessional (before tax) contributions from personal income, to the complex, such as transferring ownership of a business asset (e.g. farming property) to the SMSF and having the SMSF charge the business rent – providing a tax deduction to the business while growing the wealth held by the SMSF.

While there are many benefits to using a SMSF, they are also highly regulated and complex entities which exist in a regulatory environment which is often subject to change. It really is best to engage accredited professionals to handle your Fund Management.

At Sinclair Wilson, we have our own specialist SMSF division; in fact we are one of the largest independent Australian Accounting Firms which has its own SMSF division. With two dedicated SMSF Principals, Kerrie Hughson and Michael Klem, nine dedicated SMSF Accountants and more than 1000 Funds under our guidance, we have the knowledge and expertise to manage your Fund.

We can manage your Fund from inception through to, and into, retirement. From start to finish we can provide a seamless process for keeping your Fund compliant and keep you informed on its progress via regular reporting. We will make sure you understand your role and responsibilities as the Trustee of your fund and seek to minimise your required input into your Fund’s day-to-day management as much as possible.

Where there are opportunities to leverage your SMSF for the purposes of Tax Planning, we can explain your options and work directly with our Firms’ Accounting and Investment divisions to put theory into practice.