Payroll has become a complex area for businesses to manage.  Government requirements for tax withholding, superannuation contributions and payroll taxes continue to change. New technologies, allowing for Payroll to be completed in the Cloud and pay slips to be electronically delivered, can be leveraged to simplify processes, but setting them up is often daunting.

Our motto when it comes to Accounting software is “If it works for you, it works for us.” We have no problem working with whichever payroll package you currently use. However, if you are looking to upgrade, we can offer our advice on the best packages to use and help you use them through training and ongoing support.

At Sinclair Wilson, we can also provide you with the professional knowledge to ensure that you can meet your obligations.  Our experienced team of professionals are actively involved in the interpretation of The Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards, Modern Awards and other industrial agreements to ensure that employers are paying the right pay rates.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our payroll specialists can help you, Contact Us to arrange an appointment.