Tax Advice

Getting the right Tax Advice from someone who understands the tax implications of a given business decision, is very important. Without this, the sale of a large business asset, or the implementation of an employee remuneration package could backfire.  You could see the profit from your asset sale greatly eroded with Capital Gains Tax or employee morale lowered through the unexpected application of Fringe Benefits Tax.

At Sinclair Wilson, we have a strong understanding of taxation governance and are continually updating our knowledge through both internal and external training programs.  You can feel confident that you are getting the best, and most up-to-date tax advice through your Sinclair Wilson Accountant.

The advantage of seeking Tax Advice from Sinclair Wilson is in our size.  Our motto “Strength in Numbers” has allowed our Firm to have specialised Accountants in many areas of the application of taxation law.  We have Accountants who can answer your complex Tax Advice questions in all areas of taxation, including:

  • FBT – Fringe Benefits Tax
  • CGT – Capital Gains Tax
  • GST – Goods and Services Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Land Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Stamp Duty
  • Wine Equalisation Tax