Stockbroking Services, Managed Investments & Portfolio Administration

Our specialist Financial Planners will help develop and design a suitable and sustainable investment Strategy, which will include reference to an appropriate asset allocation strategy (i.e. the proportion of shares, property, bonds and cash), that is tailored to your goals.  Once we have developed and defined a suitable investment strategy, we will then review your current portfolio and recommend changes where required.

Investments will form an important part of the advice, and can include a wide range of investment types; from income producing investments such as term deposits, bonds and hybrids, through to growth investments, such as shares and property.

Share Trading & Initial Public Offerings (“IPO”):
Sinclair Wilson Investment Services is proud to partner with industry heavyweight Morgans as the provider of our share trading and Stockbroking Services. Morgans is Australia’s largest national full-service retail Stockbroking and wealth management firm, with an award-winning research team comprising over 20 analysts across Economics, Strategy, Equities and Fixed Interest. The team is highly experienced and covers a full range of sectors across the market.

Visit Morgans Warrnambool office website.

Managed Investment & Retail Superannuation:
Our specialist Financial Planners can provide advice on a vast range of managed investment and retail superannuation accounts on offer in the market place.  By holding our own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 229238), our Investment Specialists can provide advice on a vast range of investments, free from the restrictions imposed by some larger dealer groups.

Portfolio Administration:
Portfolio Administration through Sinclair Wilson Investment Services is a great way to minimise the hassle of managing your portfolio.

Sinclair Wilson Investment Services can offer various ongoing service packages, that are tailored to suit your individual needs and objectives. Our team of Specialised Planners will not only handle the paperwork and keep you informed with regular reporting, they will also take a proactive role in planning your investment strategy and suggest which investments best suit your circumstances.