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Consultations available by appointment in Casterton, Mortlake, Port Fairy, Terang and Timboon, or anytime during business hours in Camperdown, Colac, Hamilton, Mount Gambier and Warrnambool.

At Sinclair Wilson our Accountants know business and offer first-rate advice and expertise on a wide variety of Business Services. Whether you’re just after standard a Accounting service, Business Advice to expand your business or maximise its profitability or specialist advice on topics such as WorkCover,  Succession Planning and Cloud Accounting. Whatever your business needs, chances are we have an expert who can help.

Accounting Services:

Specialist Services:

With our five main offices in Camperdown, Colac, Hamilton, Mount Gambier and Warrnambool, five regional offices in Casterton, Mortlake, Port Fairy, Terang and Timboon and the latest in teleconferencing and videoconferencing at their disposal, our Accountants and Specialists can be available to help you across South-West Victoria, South-East South Australia and beyond.


Are you looking for an Accounting Firm for your agricultural business? One who can complete your tax work, but also provide other important services, such as: Business Advice Finance Submissions Succession Planning Cash Flow Budgets Bookkeeping Tax Planning Yes? Then you have come to the right place. Unlike some other large firms, with their roots...
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Human Resources Consulting

Making the jump from a self-employed business owner to a boss with employees, can be very daunting. There is a lot to consider and a lot that is required under the law, such as Workcover, for which “I didn’t know it was required” is not considered a viable argument for non-compliance. If you pay wages...
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Registration & Reporting

Governments at all levels have more registration, reporting, and compliance requirements than ever. Rather than investing your time or hiring extra staff to handle your compliance requirements, let Sinclair Wilson handle them for you. We can help with all registration and compliance tasks, including: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Compliance Australian Business Number (ABN)...
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Cash Flow Budgets

As a business, it is important to keep track of your finances – business activity statements and tax returns make this a necessity. However, leveraging your existing financial data into a regular Cash Flow Budget can have many additional benefits. Keeping and regularly reviewing a projected budget will place a higher focus on your business’s...
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Succession Planning

Have you considered Succession Planning as part of your overall business plan? Do you know why it is important and how you could be impacted if you do not have an exit strategy when it is time for you to retire? Many Warrnambool business owners know that Succession Planning is important, but often put it...
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Payroll has become a complex area for businesses to manage.  Government requirements for tax withholding, superannuation contributions and payroll taxes continue to change. New technologies, allowing for Payroll to be completed in the Cloud and pay slips to be electronically delivered, can be leveraged to simplify processes, but setting them up is often daunting. Our...
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Cloud Accounting

At Sinclair Wilson, our motto and philosophy towards accounting packages is “If it works for you, it works for us.” This holds true for both traditional and Cloud Accounting software packages. We have staff that are trained and experienced in using both traditional accounting packages and the latest Cloud Accounting packages, such as MYOB Essentials,...
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Business Advice

In today’s complex and unpredictable environment, business owners and directors are required to deal with the balancing act of working “in” their business and working “on” their business. Sinclair Wilson can help you spend less time sorting through the paperwork and red tape, and allow you to focus on building your business. By tapping into...
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Are you spending all day working in your business and most evenings handling your business finances? Do you need a Bookkeeper, but are unsure if you can afford one? At Sinclair Wilson, we know that the right Bookkeeper can help. We have Bookkeepers in our team that can help you reclaim time to work in your...
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Accounting Software & IT Consulting

Computers have had a major impact on the way Accounting and Bookkeeping are undertaken in businesses and how businesses interact with their Accountant.  Updating your ledger is no longer a time consuming task requiring countless hours.  It can be a streamlined function with automated processors, allowing you to monitor your business in real time, maximizing...
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