Changes to Reckon software support and what they mean for your business

Posted on 20/08/2019 by Mathew Howlett in General News, News, Tax & Business Advice

It seems like things were so much simpler back in the naughties:

  • You had your home phone and you dialed it in to get Internet (or, if you were really lucky, you plugged both into an ADSL filter box and you could have both running at the same time!)
  • Your mobile phone was only used to make calls, sent text messages (at 50c a pop!) and play snake
  • You’re computer was a big chunky white box with an even chunkier cathode ray monitor
  • You had a choice between two accounting packages; Mind Your Own Business (yes, the MYOB brand is based on a groan-worthy pun) and Reckon – and when you brought a copy it was yours forever… right?

Well… unfortunately, no… reality is that the ownership details of Reckon was buried deep within that End User License Agreement you (all of us) accepted without reading.

And when you (we) accepted it without reading, turns out you (all of us) only purchased a license to use the software as long as Reckon continued to support it.

To their credit, the Reckon Powers that Be maintained support for their old versions longer than most companies out there. But time’s now up, and they have decided to stop supporting all but the two most recent, 2018 and 2019, versions of their software packages.

Why have they done this? Well, a desire to take advantage of the new trend towards subscription pricing models for software is likely a factor. But there are many technological reasons. The Operating Systems some of their software was designed to work on are now no longer supported by Microsoft and Apple and they now need to to be able to adapt their software to work with mandatory reporting to government agencies, maintain higher security standards than ever before and meet new customer demands for interoperability with add-in applications.

In short? Things change fast these days and Reckon is changing their business model to keep up.

What does this mean for you?

A few critical things:

  • There is now effectively a time limit on how long you can continue using your old reckon software.
  • You cannot install your old Reckon software anywhere else.
  • If anything goes wrong with your company file, Reckon will not help.

Don’t worry. We’re ready to help.

Speak to your Accountant or download our comprehensive guide for more details if you think you may be affected.

Update on your terms – don’t wait until you’re locked out! Best to get in touch with us now to make sure you’ve got a plan in place.