Accountant Rea “In a New Paddock”

Posted on 04/07/2013 by Sinclair Wilson in General News

One of Sinclair Wilson’s senior partners, Michael Rea retires from July 1, 2013.

Michael Rea, who is an avid horse racing enthusiast, advisor and successful horse breeder, could be said to have “put himself out in the paddock”. Alternatively, in continuing the Rea family’s strong farming tradition in the Wangoom area, Michael may really be simply “changing paddocks.”

For many, retirement can mean a slowing down and more passive interests, however, this seems unlikely for the very fit, sporty and active farmer that Michael Rea is.  Having clocked up 25 years at the firm this year, and despite being very energetic in his work right to the end, Michael Rea has determined that it was time to call it quits as an accountant so he can devote more time to his racehorse and farming interests, and to spend more time with family.

“I have appreciated my time in the profession and particularly at Sinclair Wilson, where I have developed life long relationships with colleagues and clients, but thought I should allow myself time to move on to other things while I am young and fit enough.”

“I have spent much of the last year or so readying clients for the transition and the partners who are taking over responsibility for those clients (Debbie Nankervis, Kane Grant, Darren O’Donnell, Craig Telford, Leigh Marris and John Bouwman), are all seriously talented and highly experienced operators.”

Michael has also helped nurture a team of really bright and engaged young accountants who will continue to closely look after those clients (Laurisa Walther and James Sherlock).

Known for his quick dry wit around the office, Michael adds “in fact, the people taking over from me at Sinclair Wilson are so good, I’m concerned no-one will even miss me.”

Not so, says Perry Cho, Chairman of Sinclair Wilson, “Not only is Michael a very clear commercial and practical thinker, but he has displayed ability to apply the Sinclair Wilson’s ethos of really getting close to the clients, and involved in their businesses, the new guys realise that their challenge is to build on Michael’s involvement.”

Michael leaves the profession noting its many challenges, such as the long hours, and ever increasing legislative changes and demands, but with that sees many positives.

“Having been part of an organisation that has grown from 5 partners and 20 staff in 1988 to 21 partners and more than 100 staff now servicing an area from Colac to Hamilton and Mt Gambier and the chance to help and watch clients grow, that’s been the opportunity. I’ve experienced it and enjoyed every minute of it but it is now time for other things and more time for the family.”