Accountant’s expertise honoured by South West Healthcare

Posted on 23/11/2013 by Sinclair Wilson in Sinclair Wilson in the CommunityAccountant Felicity Melican receives South West Healthcare award

Accountant Felicity Melican was the perfect candidate to join South West Healthcare’s board nearly a decade ago.

Having a head for numbers helps when it comes to annual report time, but chief executive John Krygger said the former board member also developed a strong medical understanding.

Ms Melican was awarded a life governorship by South West Healthcare after her resignation in February.

“When I first started, hospitals across the board had more financial certainty,” Ms Melican said.

“That’s changed but South West Healthcare has managed to adapt and really work in a climate of tightened purse strings. It’s a tribute to how the board has co-operated and the professionalism of the executives here.”

Ms Melican served as finance committee chairman for five years as well as South West Healthcare’s deputy vice-chairman from 2008 to 2013.

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