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How bad things can happen to good organisations

29/05/2018 by Felicity Melican in General News, Scam & Security Alerts

Sadly, we learned in the last few days of how a number of south west organisations have recently been hit by scammers/fraudsters/criminals/opportunists, resulting in significant monies being paid across erroneously to their bank accounts. This revelation is a bleak reminder of how important it is that financial processes and controls are considered as valuable commodities...

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The Global Wi-Fi KRACK Vulnerability Affects Everyone

19/10/2017 by Sinclair Wilson in Scam & Security Alerts

This month a Belgian Cyber security research group has published details of a previously unknown vulnerability in the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) protocol used to encrypt and secure data transfers in most Wi-Fi networks around the world. This vulnerability effectively allows an attacker, who is running the right software and physically within range of their...

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