Tax time for property investors

EOFY: why Hamilton property investors love tax time

17/06/2020 by Sinclair Wilson in Finance, News

It’s widely agreed that one of the benefits of investing in a Hamilton property is the tax relief the investor cain achieve. So, given tax time is just around the corner, it’s important to make sure you know what you are entitled to, and the deductions available to you as a property investor – either...

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Get a Mortgage Broker to refinance your home loan

Why use a Mortgage Broker to refinance your Colac home?

15/10/2019 by Andrew Morris in Finance, News

We all want to pay less interest on our Colac home loan, right? That’s why its worth regularly reviewing your mortgage. The most common reasons people consider refinancing their mortgage are: To secure a more competitive interest rate To make the most of interest-saving features, like off-set accounts or redraw facilities To access equity for...

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Four signs it might be time to refinance your Camperdown home

15/08/2019 by Andrew Morris in Finance

When the Reserve Bank cut the cash interest rate in June this year, the Federal Treasurer advised Australians to, “shop around and get the best possible deal”.  And plenty did, including home owners across regional Victoria, from Colac, through to Camperdown, Warrnambool, Hamilton and beyond. Mortgage brokers around the country have recorded spikes in their...

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