Yearly Archive: 2017

ASIC scam emails and how to identify them

19/04/2017 by Sinclair Wilson in General News

There is a rather nasty scam email doing the rounds at the moment, disguised as an ASIC renewal notice. The email is a fairly good knockoff of a legitimate ASIC renewal notice. It has correct spelling throughout with the ASIC logo, and a number of links to actual ASIC web pages included to make it...

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Industry leaders come together to plan for super changes

17/02/2017 by Felicity Melican in Superannuation

With the changes coming through this year around superannuation and particularly SMSF’s, it is critical we have up to date information and are across all aspects of the legislation. Attending the SMSF Association 2017 Conference supports this ongoing and evolving knowledge base and is particularly relevant given it offers Accounting, Audit, Administration and Investment streams...

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The ATO warns business owners to monitor access to their business portal

07/02/2017 by Sinclair Wilson in General News

The ATO is warning business owners to monitor and review who has AUSkey access to their ATO business portal. They’ve made the call after detecting a number of cases where identity thieves have used fraudulently obtained AUSkeys to lodge fraudulent BAS and receive returns to altered bank accounts. They recommend business owners take the following...

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